Campaign of Evil

Session 6

Little Walop

Session 5
Session 4

Ragnar is killed by a Troll, but he doesn't die…

Session 3

Landrew POV

The party decides that lighting the barn on fire might serve as a distraction that could be used to our advantage in removing possessions of the school.  They really don't deserve them after the way Loaky was treated.  Once it's lit, Ragnar and I go around to a side entrance while the rest of the party goes to the front and feigns panic over the fire, asking for assistance.  The school staff doesn't buy it.  They go all crazed honey badger on the party, even the little girls, assaulting us mercilessly.  

Clearly this school is infected by some kind of disease which makes the residents behave like insane wild animals.  The best course of action is to put them down to ensure the disease doesn't spread.  The school staff, teachers, and young girls are culled to the last individual.  Loaky ensures there are no traces of the sickness left by burning the school down.  He takes great pride in his work and thoroughly sets fires in various locations.  

As the school is burning we liberate a few books, some potions, and a few other odds and ends.  Obviously we have just saved civilization from a horrible sickness.  Still, we'd like to maintain a lower profile given that we were being persecuted by some crazy religious cult.  Time to make tracks.

Session 2
The School

The party is on the run from Woodford,  slowed down by their desire not to let go of this wagon full of baller dragonchess sets.  We decide to head North to Oasis where it is believed they will fetch a tidy profit.  On the way the weather takes a turn for the worse and we are forced to seek shelter.

With lightning lights up the sky for a moment showing a building on a hilltop.  A sign indicates that this is a finishing school for girls.  We head to the front door and knock – a person answers the door and offers us the barn.  Loaky is greatly put out by being forced to sleep with the animals and demands that we be granted the finest rooms in the building.  We do our best to calm down Loaky and take shelter from the storm in the barn.

Loaky plots retribution for his foul treatment and enlists the help of the party to do so.  A drunken stableman is located and interrogated.

Session 1
Act 1

Woodford.  The scene opens in a tavern.  Several patrons are trying to enjoy a little downtime and a meal.  Several of these patrons stick out:

 Drax, a Dragonborne Barbarian
 Landrew, a Half-Elf Monk
 Loaky, a High Elf Wizard
 Miska, a Human Paladin
 Ragnar, a Dwarven Sorcerer
 Raj, and Half Elf Ranger
 T'Sam a Drow Warlock

A troop of soldiers from the Rose Order waltz in and demand everyone report for re-education.  They left the tavern feet first, on their backs.  Peering out the windows our group of adventurers, thrust together by their lack of ability to conform to the policies of radical Good, notice the Rose Knight and quite a few crossbows on the ready.

The group knocks down a back wall and makes a run for it.  Landrew uses some backstreets to get everyone to the stables in no time flat.  The party steals a few horses, a wagon full of goods and rides north.


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