Campaign of Evil

Session 16

Ironic Coffee – Drax goes down.

Session 15

Complete temple.

From the GM:

To keep in mind (or correct) before the next session. My belief is that the party appears as follows, a giant dragon-scaled being with a wooden mask to which are attached the remains of a human face. A generally nondescript half-elf around whom shadows flicker slightly oddly. A human with no distinguishing marks other than a maniacal smile and being coated in drying, stinking blood. The walking corpse of a dwarf, face covered in a wooden mask, and carrying a skull like a puppet. A seemingly sane half-elf. And a Drow, a nightmare with which to scare children to sleep. And a blue-skinned somewhat portly young gentleman. Everyone is heavily armed.
Oh, and the naked eight foot tall muscle bound lunatic.

Session 14

Rat Town – stables – temple

Session 13

Quick recap as best I can remember it – before I forget even more before our next game.

The party started in The Bog, having rested after the Red Wedding. The village where the wedding was taking place was completely looted – all gear being stored at the newly christened Bog Depot. See Game Documents for a listing.

On returning to the village we were attacked by a funeral detail. Most ran, some attacked with shovels. Two managed to escape. We proceeded on towards the next outpost. On the way we found a supply of poisoned mushrooms (see game documents for details). We also noted a dragon flying high above.

On arriving at the outpost we found a pair of rowdy guardsmen and a barkeep. We poisoned the guards but they turned out to be assassins who attacked us before the poison could set in. The assassins attacks were squandered by spectacularly bad rolls – we dispatched them quickly. The barkeep, who turned out to be some kind of mage was incapacitated and sacrificed to Vecna (praise be to Him). We found another guard upstairs who gave us some intel, but then lied about being alone in the town. On leaving the bar we were attacked by crossbowmen and spearmen. They were easily dispatched as well. The guard who lied was taken the bog and secured to the skeleton arm wall and made to watch as young Billy sacrificed the previous resident of the skeleton arm wall.

Intel from guard: many troops being called into Hellas to be blessed by a Bishop. Troop strength in town between 5000-10000. They were sent to this outpost to troubleshoot the problems which we were causing.

Proceeding on to Hellas, we left the Drow and Dragonborne and undead dwarf in The Bog. We continued to note the dragon flying high above. As near as we can tell it's gold or bronze in color. After entering the city gates, we found a sign indicating that we could proceed on or go to 'Rat Town'. Opting for Rat Town, we established lodging at an Inn which offered several levels of discretion. We opted for the maximum discretion level which turned out to be a magic key. It appears as though it would be impossible to even find the room without that key. Cost – 2gp per night. From the privacy of these rooms we brought in the rest of the party from the Bog.

The party then went to explore and do business in Rat Town. Minor transactions at a Merchantile. We then found a place that traded in illicit goods. We couldn't get as much as we liked for the drugs we found in that barn, but told off a portion of it to offset the cost of the rooms. There is a temple nearby which promised a wide assortment of undead creatures for us to explore next session. We will also probably want to sell the horses first thing as well if we expect to be able to do anything with them. In world time elapsed this session: 24 hours.


Dan Binmorer A minor detail The party left the village after the Red Wedding and fought a group of soldiers, killing them all. The party returned to The Bog directly from that point. When the party returned to the road there was a burial detail that witnessed the re-appearance of the party, and two got away. By my count the people who have seen the entire party together in the Pellan Empire are a woman at the first stablery, a courier just after the Red Wedding, a flying lizardish thing, and the two from the burial detail.

Session 12

The Red Wedding

Session 11

The fort.  Many horses stolen.

Game 10

Billy becomes a real boy.

Loakie goes and gets himself perished.

Sent to Belosh, end an a boat with a package of blue powder.

Session 9

Little Walop Church


Little Sam and Billy join.

Session 8

The Bog part 2

Session 7

The Bog


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