Campaign of Evil

Session 26

The part found our prey and set an example.  She was made to consume a demon seed.  Miska then used the Priapus or Righteous Outrage to stir up the crowd.  As the crowd began beating her, a demon burst from her innards and made a wonderful mess of things.  Time for some R&R

A Letter posted back in Little Walop:

A Letter from Landrew to Bro 1 and Bro 2 (know known as Stu Jenkins and Jimmy Pope):

Attn: Pope and Jenkins.

The two of you have proven yourselves. Now it is time to take another step forward in demonstrating your dedication. Make note of updates to the Articles of Faith

Pope: You are being promoted to the rank of High Priest. You are tasked with growing the faith here in Little Wallop as well as studying the ways of the Cleric. You are authorized to begin construction on a new temple. Offer work at a more than reasonable rate. The promise of work should bring in plenty of fresh souls to be harvested. Offer these newcomers time to acclimate, but those who do not ultimately convert should be made examples of. The temple should be built on the site of the old church.

Stu: You are being promoted to the rank of Steward. You are tasked overseeing construction of a keep in Little Wallop. As with the temple, you are authorized to offer work at a more than reasonable rate. Conversion of souls is expected. Upon completion, you are charged with handling management of the keep. The keep should be built near the lake. Nearby you will construct a new business with living quarters in the rear: Deb’s House of Pancakes. Get Deb's done first.

The both of you should work to identify newcomers as potential recruits for security forces. I need only the most loyal, the strongest, and most agile. We are still in the midst of territory dominated by the filthy Belo cult. Special care should be taken to not draw their attention until we are ready. Both of you will receive a personal stipend of 200 gp per month. As your depth of your responsibilities increase, so too will your stipend.

I will return on a regular basis for payroll and to settle accounts.

Any news you hear on the following topics should be noted and placed on the entrance to the Bog
- Vecna
- Belo
- Eremnon
- Troop movements
- Trade

One last thing, as we increase our supply of workers and metal becomes more available, I’ll require a second door made of solid iron to be built and installed to the bog on the opposite end of the tunnel. The door should be able to be barricaded from the inside. Do not wonder into the bog and terry not, lest you become lunch for the creatures that dwell there. Remember, trespassing in the bog is punishable by death.

- Landrew

ps: I expect construction to be complete in 1 year.


Session 25

Reached Manassar.  Located magic items.

Session 24
Short Sesh

Leprechauns and lots and lots of dragon gold.

Session 23

bullshit nazi oasis town

Session 22

Complete Castle of Antonius.  On toward Oasis

Session 21


Session 20

Planes walking

Session 19

….ended in a Burrow with some of party sitting on a throne and disappearing.

Session 18

Attempts to convince the people of the Bog that Landrew was their true god.


Wild party with Unlimited mead and horse taco's laced with a blue powdered drug – aka, the First Festival of Landrew.

Escavation of Bog started.

Session 17

Racist woodelves.  Lemonlime and crew dispatch the bishop.


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