Campaign of Evil

Session 45: Conclusion of Book One

After a brief wait to lick their wounds the party blinked back into the city and were pleased to find no dragon, even when Drax tried to lure her in again.  Turning the corner they find themselves in a square sided with a cathedral and the Pilgrim's Arch.  Within the arch is a defensive line of dwarfs and humans all wearing a joined H and N.  the party deduces that this is the combined force of the towns Hauteveldt and Neuholm, the groups the party had attempted to put into conflict with their terrorist actions.

Suddenly Miska, riding a flaming warhorse, appears from the shadows.  Using diverse tactics, such as: assisted-suicide, child style, hiding bows under leaves, climbing buildings, smashing enemies, etc. the combined forces are vanguished.  Miska charges into the great circle beyond the arch with the rest of the party following behind.

There is a little pig farm in the middle of the circle, with a Spectral Guardian blocking the front door.  A cavalry force appears from behind the party.  The Spectral Guardian turns out not to move but rather emits damaging bursts of radiant light.  However, the little piggies quickly become angry boars.  There is much conflict, the most dangerous portion to the party being when Landrew punched the ground so hard she went in all the way up to her shoulder.  Drax was turned again but the party helpfully injured him.  The cavalry are frightened off.  The piggies are killed.  Rajelai enters the hut and starts touching the priest and the little girl who are inside.  They don't like it.  For some reason Guillaume does not enter, but climbs the roof, makes a hole in the thatch and assassinates the girl.  Victory!

However, just when Guillaume had become the present incarnation of Belo, Vecna appears out of the shadows and snatches Guillaume away into Vecna's own plane of existence.  However could he be rescued?

The great threat of Good has been thwarted.  The party has up to a year without being bothered by outside influences.  The castle, fighting pit, temple of The Rope etc. are all completed.  The Church of Belo is in disarray throughout the region, without leadership and damaged on all sides.  Most believers believe that this is a trial that must be met with self-denial, poverty, and humility.  The pellan Empire has inally found some peace with their new emperor, and the expelling if the hierarchy of the Church of Belo.

The Bog expands to cover several square miles, seamlessly joining with it's neighboring ancient terrors.  Rumors of a more terrible Wild Hunt spread everywhere.  Drax spends a fair amount of his time wandering in the area, trying to "find himself."  He seems conflicted and increasingly upset with Vecna who he believes has used them, stolen their comrade, and then conveniently disappeared.  Miska has returned to Manassar in the north and his Temple of Vecna.  All communication ceases.

For victory 5,000 xp and a long vacation.

I have some ideas to continue the campaign should people express some interest in the future.



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