Campaign of Evil

Session 40

Landrew POV

After my failed attempt to sneak into the city earlier in the evening, i found myself sitting around a campfire outside the city gate spit balling alternate ideas on entry.  One thing we know for certain is that we are uninterested in laying siege to the city.  Our army lacks the size and experience for such a feat, plus we don't have that kind of time. 

Many ideas are batted around:  We discuss Raj fly over the wall to possess someone on the inside, but discard this idea believing it would be nearly impossible for her to do this without being seen.  Another idea:  starting the systematic slaughter of the pilgrims outside the gates until they were flug wide and the army of Bello rode out to deal with us was discarded as too 'noisy'.  Ultimately we decided it was worth a shot to attempt bribery.  We certainly have plenty of cash, might as well give it a shot.  Gilly was nominated to try some silver tongued wizardry.  He was gone for quite a while – I never found out what happened.  All I know is that someone threw a cow at us and he came slinking back a short time later.

Continuing to scratch our heads, I had a moment of Inspiration.  Perhaps the damaged sections of the wall might offer us less resistance to rushing the main gate head one.  While we might well need to do some fighting to get in, the resistance and defenses would be minimal, comparatively.

We decide to march around the wall until we find a caved section that has been filed with rocks and debris.  The four of us decide to take point and lead the army over the wall personally.  As soon as we set food atop the wall, an alarm sounds – much like my failed attempt to enter at the main gate.  This time, however, we had time to prepare a counter attack.  Drax went beast-mode and pretty my single handedly took down two full units of guards as the rushed in to investigate the alarm, my new army was able to pick off the rest without issue.

I was anxious to get off the wall and into the city as quickly as possible.  I wouldn't do to keep setting off alarms and have the full might of the Goods come down on us while we are vulnerable.  The way of Landrew is to work from the shadows.  Pitched battles have their time and place, but neither have yet come:   While the guards were distracted by the combat, i slipped over the wall with some ropes and made some runs for the rest of the army to slip down quickly.

While I am coordinating the infiltration of the army, Gilly runs into a mouthy old man.  I'm not sure what happened over there, but I think he did a vampire thing.  He says we need to return for him in a days. 

Just as we are getting everyone assembled, we can hear the approach of a large war machine.  Drax has a great idea:  we don't know where we are going, and we aren't exactly going to do it stealthily with a small army marching the streets.  Time to cut these guys loose and let them do what they do best:  cause as much trouble as possible.

I issue commands to the army.  They are to disperse and cause as much mayhem as possible.  We want security forces in town running around in every direction trying to figure out what is happening.  Burn, pillage, murder – all in the name of Landrew (and Vecna and Raj).  I instruct them to do these things, but not be reckless with their lives.  Their lives belong to me, and I am a frugal god.  We will be searching out our target under the cover of their distraction.  The signal to come together will come in the form of the Pain Bow and the Lewd Bow.  When they hear/see these signals, they are to converge for the Final Battle.

We all looked on proudly as the scurried off into the night.  A basement ale house seems to catch our eye, however and several of us feel drawn to investigate.  Inside, we seem to be seeing versions of ourselves as we were when we first met all those months ago.  As the others mingle in, I notice that Gilly is striking up a conversation with "Ragnar".  While our Ragnar has not been traveling with us for some time, we have sorely missed the use of his Amulet of the Planes.  I decide to try picking this "Ragnar's" pocket – the pocket from which i have seen Ragnar draw that amulet so many times.  Wouldn't you know it, I am able to pluck out an amulet without his notice!   Shortly thereafter, the entire room shimmers and we ourselves alone.  I examine the amulet and find it to be The Amulet of the Planes – only this one has a weird shimmer and only seems visible in the shadows.

(to be continued)



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