Campaign of Evil

Session 38

Landrew POV

So it's like this.  Godslaying is hungry work.  The rest of my group has moved beyond the needs for such biological necessities and oft time they forget that there are those of us who still have a reliance on such things.  Mentioning to Raj this fact, she is eager to spend some time exploring her newfound powers.  She arranges for a shower of frogs to rain upon us.  Fat ones too.  This is about as close to home-cooked meal as I could get so far from the Bog.  On point.

After I am fed and rested, I suggest to the rest of my companions that perhaps we should sever the head of Eremnon and travel to the realm of The Smith, where we can offer it with our thanks.  He had previously offered a reward to Ragnar and Myself for her death, and we had noted that his halls were lousy with the finest weapons.  Everyone agrees to this course of action, so we make ready for the journey.

Raj spends some time with her temple, and further explores the nature of her new powers.  She also abandons her vessel as it is mostly broken at this point.  I use this time to reconsecrate the Temple of Belo in my name.  I then decide to quickly pop back to Little Wallop and return with a few settlers and a member from The Order of the Rope.  The settlers are commanded to begin refitting the temple as appropriate and making repairs to the villiage.  Should any of the original residents return to <s>Hautvelt</s> Gallows, they are to be given 3 options.  They may adopt Landrew, Raj, or The Smith as their personal deity.  Gallows is to be a 3 deity town, the forth option is The Rope.

After things are settled, we travel back to Little Wallop and inspect preparations for our march on Belloman.  Thus far, we have managed to amass a small army from amongst my followers.  I leave further commands before we depart that they are to be outfitted with short bow, spear, and dagger.  Simple weapons, that will allow them to deliver my Word from a distance.  Appropriate rations will also be prepared for the journey.  I've instructed a few suits of bone-armor to be prepared for the sergeants using whatever is available.  It would be nice if we had more time to properly outfit and train, but war is waged on it's own timeline.

The bog boats I had commissioned some time back have been completed.  The ornate nature is impressive work, I make a note to myself to properly reward those responsible.  The new boats allow us to speedily cross my realm, giving some small advantage on time.  As we press thru the mountains beyond, we begin to find inclement weather approaching.  I gather my cloak about me and we try to push through but it ultimately becomes too much, especially with odd birds circling in the skies above.  Raj suggests that we climb a tree for warmth and protection from the approaching snow storm.  Is she high?  Clearly the powers of her new station have scrambled her mojo.  While the two of us argue in the snow, Drax digs a hole in a snow bank and beacons us to enter his makeshift igloo.  Good idea or no, it seems a better alternative than arguing in the middle of a snow storm.  

As we rest and try to ride out the storm, we begin to hear loud crashing noises and strange voices.  Never have a heard such things before.  Raj has not yet selected a new vessel – she decides to float up through the snow bank for a look at what is going on.  Two Frost Giants are hurling death at one another and we are caught in the middle.  She makes her presence known – Boo.  The giants leave in a hurry – losers.

Digging out, we find some winged birdmen have taken exception to our presence and are attacking.  I loose an arrow with my Lewd Bow hoping the display will scare them off.  No such luck.  While one drops from the sky, the others being to press on.  An unfortunate side affect of the Lewd Bow is the unbelievably loud noise which triggers an avalanche.  We got lucky on that one, but I decide not to risk that again.  I lift Raj's Pain Bow from Steve's back and let a few more bolts fly, two more drop from the sky.  It seems I'm the only one who is able to do anything at range, so i make ready to loose two more arrows.  In a colossal stroke of bad luck the bow slips from my hands in the icy weather and begins to careen down the side of the mountain.  Raj is going to kill me.  I abandon the battle and pursue it with a singular focus.

Before I even realize what I did, I find myself skating down the slope on my heels.  Thankfully, the training I received at the monestary has made this only a small challenge to my sense of balance.  I am overtake the bow as it tumbles down and then channel my ki to aid in coming to a safe stop.  Looking up to the top of the mountain, I see drax finishing off the last of the bird-men.  Whooo, close one – we hit the road.

As we enter the realm of The Smith, I begin to recognize our location.  We press forward, receiving some odd looks by his minions until we are told to stop.  I exclaim that we have an appointment with The Smith and will see him now.  Drawing forth the severed head of Eremnon, gasps of shock give way being led on to his presence.

The Smith was quite please and more than a little shocked that we were able to accomplish what we did.  After some negotiation, he agrees to give or craft for each of us an item of our choosing.  Giving Steve the Coward a glare, I tell The Smith that our friend here is really into some weird kinky stuff, and would love a metallic leech.  For myself, I favor small blades.  The Smith describes something that sound like sissorfingers.  I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds awesome.  Drax begins to describe something that sounds like a boomerang, only it shoots napalm and sounds like valkyrie??  What's napalm and sounds like a what?  Trying to puzzle out what that even meant, i missed what Raj had selected.  Looking forward to trying out our new toys.

Back to the bog.  Next stop – Belloman.


- Signed Landrew, Goddess of the Bog, Hand of Vecna – His Divine Shadow.



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