Campaign of Evil

Session 35

Landrew POV

After securing the next generation with the children we stole in Hautvalt, we are left at a juncture.  Clearly, the Lady Wild has revealed herself to be Eremnon.  We have become quite familiar with Eremnon over our adventures together.  The goddess of the 'not yet farmland' has crossed and insulted those we have have come to know as our allies in the pantheon; playing the civilized against the primal.  We have resolved to address her manipulative perversions of the natural order, however it has been agreed that this must be done while we are in a peak state of readiness.  

Raj, Drax and I have discussed amongst ourselves the best course action, and stand ready to meet Eremnon with the assistance of our comrades.  Sadly, Ragnar has gone on one of his frequent vision quests and left us without his Spirit.  My comrades and I spend a great while dithering over our various options.  Clearly our desires lack the vision on what should come next.  Hopefully Ragnar shall return with those answers.

We ultimately decide that additional assets will be needed to take on Ermnon.  Several options are discussed, but we find ourselves slaves to the drudgery of long distance travel.  It is decided that we should attempt to explore the shortcut available to us through the Bog.  I bring us back to the bog for a quick reprovisioning stop.  Unfortunately, we are forced to settle for bad tea from the old man and mediocre coffee from our zombie barista.  We really need to level that barista up and get a new baker for the pancake shop.  It's a simple matter at this point to shuttle personnel back and forth from Hautvelt to Little Walop.  During this time period we are able to drain the town dry of every last coin, cup, wine b
arrel, tool, and piece of straw, all in the name of Landrew of course.  Further, we are able to construct 40 additional healing potions with the Pariapt.

We set off back thru the bog in the direction we last encountered the wolves in the forest.  As the bog has grown, this has become quite a slog.  I leave a note for my underlings to build boats.  At least 3 – built for traversing the bog.  The poles were to be intricately carved - we'll see how well they have studied their craft.

Eventually we make it thru the bog and into a place that feels more alien to me.  This feels like a good place to break camp with my fellow mortals:  Daryl and the other Daryl?  We prepare a fantastic feast with a pheasant that Raj has shot out of the sky with such precision, that it
practically lands directly in my pot ready to cook.  A few cranberries, logon berries, and other herbs i am able to summon from the lands aids in making a fantastic stew…. It also aids in causing a distraction for a bit of trickery i was able to accomplish – more on that later, diary.  

Onward we press toward the mountains.  It becomes clear that we are not only followed, but pushed into the mountains by dire wolves.  We try to circumvent, but find ourselves trapped.  We decide to travel up the mountain, but eventually find ourselves find facing a beast, one described to me in my youth at the temple as a bumble?  My whatever the case, we lay it on easy, but ultimately find the pathetic snow beast joined by a sizable dire wolf pack.  I am able to easily dispatch not only this beast beast, but a great many of these filthy animals.  Unfortunately, their numbers prove a bit much and i and gravely wounded.


I am awakened some time later, feeling both less and more than myself.  The remaining wolves have been destroyed, the others have been tending to my wounds.  I encourage my comrades that we rest and recover before breaking camp.  I guess Raj will be needing me to watch her bow until she can find a new host.  I'll grab hers and find where I dropped mine as well.

Note to self, the douche that was supposed to be serving Drax but instead just stood around needs to be disciplined.



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