Campaign of Evil

Session 32

Landrew POV

After sleeping threw the rest of the day, my comrades and I get moving and start heading back towards town.  As dawn approaches, we are on the outskirts of the city.  From this place, we hatch a plan.  We creep in on a farm and approach quietly.  Billy, I mean Guillaume – I think I'll call him Guilly - waits by the door as Raj enters and possess the body of one of those sleeping inside.  She then invites Guilly inside, neat trick.  Guilly makes a meal of an old woman there while the mother and her children continue to sleep.  I use this staff that i found to possess the woman and quietly walk over to the children.  I gently wake them and bid them be silent and listen.  A group of filthy dwarves has slain all the neighbors and will surely be coming for them next.  They must run into town as quickly as possible and get help while the adults stay behind to rally/warn other other nearby farms.  Off the children go towards town, brave little monsters they are going out at night alone.  Should they survive, I'll find a way to ensure they learn to show more fear to what lurks beyond the light.

Side note:  That staff seemed to be pushing on my consciousness, trying to take over.  It failed, obviously, but I shall have to show it respect.

For affect, I use my possessed mother to attack Ragnar.  He caves in the side of her skull with his hammer and leaves it behind for evidence.  Short work is then also made of the next home over.  A note is written, but I care little for letters and pay little attention.  We decide that we should head back to The Bog and let our little scheme play out while we rest.

Upon returning to The Bog, one of my minions informs us that the area has grown tremendously.  Another of my minions set out to explore and has not returned.  We set off in the direction he went and pick up his tracks.  As we progress further out, I feel my connection slipping away until it is finally gone.  This is another of those plane crossings we have experienced in a few other areas.  Unfortunately, this plane is home to some very very large wolves.  I didn't fair well with them and find myself waking to Guilly pouring a healing potion down my throat.

We will need to explore this new realm at some point in the future.



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