Campaign of Evil

Session 31

Landrew POV


Two of my comrades have fallen.  I didn’t know any rituals to raise the dead, so i made one up – that didn’t work either.  The others stood again after falling, but this time it’s different.  No more free passes I guess.  I spend some time carving out sharks out of the coconuts to guard them on their way into the afterlife while Drax fishes Billy out of the reef.  While taking care of Raj’s belongings, at whips image presents it self and states that the bow is hers, always hers.  Raj lives! – sorta?  Vecna, (praise him) works in mysterious ways.


I gather finish gathering together her and Billy’s belongings so that we can bring them with and then meditate for a while while Ragnar fiddles with his amulet.  After this brief rest, we decide to contact Mr. Polecat for a ‘safe’ ride outta this dump.  He is quite upset about something and agrees to drop us where we need to go if we can do him a quick favor.  Bringing us through some kind of portal, we find ourselves standing on a cobblestone sidewalk somewhere.  Mr. Polecat is present along with a pale figure who introduced himself as Guillaume.   Drax mentions something about Billy and papers but I don’t pay much attention to documents and such.


Mr. Polecat advised that he really needs us to retrieve an ordinary object from a this place across a fiery chasm… it is likely trapped.  Ok, no problem, we got this.  Walk in, fuck shit up, walk out – same as always.  As we enter the structure built into the side of a mountain, we walk up a stairwell to and find a dinner party of kind going on.  We introduce ourselves to the host and mingle with the guests for a little bit.  Louise seems to be disappointed that Polecat sent us instead of coming himself and proceeds to mock him.  She advises that we leave, for our own safety…great host.  


Louise gives us a parting gift for Mr. Polecat, a small box.  That gave me an idea:  when I first picked up Raj’s painbow up i felt it try to take control of me for a moment.  I decide to gift her Raj’s bow, which Ghost Raj said I should not do under any circumstances.  We then leave the room but dally near the exit to see what happens.  The gamble pays off, Louis’ body walks out and gives me a little wink.  Some of us head back out to get council from Mr. Polecat, he scolds us for bringing him the wrong box, which turned out to be another insult, so we head back in.


The group decides that the thing we are looking for must be on the bottom floor somewhere.  The first room we enter is filled with goopy looking man sized figures in terrible agony.  A door gives way to a small hallway with a clearly boobytrapped room.  The room has a small acorn on a pillow.  It feels like this is what we are looking for, but we don’t have an immediate ideas for getting around the traps.  


We explore two more rooms.  One of them has some paintings designed to humiliat Mr. Polecat and a closet full of various items which appear magical in nature.  Everyone helps themselves to a few things – except for Ragnar who helps himself to a lot of things.  I hope this stuff isn’t a a trick or he’s in real trouble.


The last room has some tormented souls on fire and a large statue – it looks thoroughly like something we shouldn’t mess with – so back to the acorn.  I try tossing a figure into the room.  The door slams shut and a gas is heard emanating as we expected.  Guillaume and Ragnar take turns futzing the the room and trap, but ultimate come out with the acorn.  Deciding to quit while we are ahead we return to Mr. Polecat who thanks us sends us on to our destination (after he kicks his sister, the body Raj was borrowing, into the fiery abyss).  Really feels like we dodged a bullet on that one.  I have a feeling that Raj saved our bacon by keeping Louis out of our business while we looted her place.


As we arrive back at Hauteveldt, this Guillaume character pretty much bursts into flame as soon as he is in daylight.  A few of my companions fool about trying steal remedies from each other, but i casually cast a darkness spell on him to his relief.  We spend a few minutes interrogating him and find out that he is/was Billy.  His trip to that Vampire castle left a bit of a mark on him, literally.  That is what allowed him to survive into his present form.  Well, mystery solved – we decide to camp here until nightfall and then head into the city.


Mental note:  am I the only one left alive here?  Must speak with Miska about that the next time we are back at the temple.



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