Campaign of Evil

Session 30

DM View

The party was given a mission to cause racial conflict between humans and dwarfs by having each side blame the other for an attack during a trade negotiation between Neuholm and Hauteveldt in The Endan.  The human trade delegation was slaughtered and their carriages stolen, and the party attempted to impersonate the delegation.  Access was granted, and rooms provided, but the party indiscriminately murdered every dwarf they could find as soon as possible.  The party was eventually driven off and transported back to The Bog.  The party healed up, and left The Bog for coffee and crumpets. 

Question for the party, was the mission successful?

Experience Points 3,500 per player

The five weeks of traveling have resulted in the continuation of the processes of building the castle and village, the training of minions, and the expansion of The Bog, the perimeter of which is now unknown. 

The next portion of the mission is to start religious conflict within The Endan, and then frame the Church of Belo for starting the whole thing.  Religion in The Endan is pluralistic in that shrines and temples for a range of gods and spirits appear in all villages and cities, and residents often worship multiple gods.  The Church of Belo appears in all cities.  Local gods and spirits come from the basics of rural life, The Hearth/Forge (fire), The Green Lady (agriculture), Lady Wild (the border of forest and field, mistress of the Wild Hunt), The Bear, The Boar, and diverse minor spirits based on local geographical features.

Question for the party?  What's the plan?

There is a final component, a mysterious group of individuals called The Makers who have apparently been in the area longer than humans or dwarfs.  They live individually, and very privately, in ancient stone buildings.  They are reputed to be powerful users of magic, supposedly saving local inhabitants from time to time according to their will.  They are legendary for their odd capriciousness.


Landrew feels as though we likely completed the mission to Neuholm but is not certain. We certainly seem to have done a decent job of framing the humans for the dwarven slaughter. However, we had also intended to return to The Edain with similar stories on how th Dwarves attacked, stole our goods, and only a few of us managed to barely escape.

We could attempt to return and introduce the second portion of the plan, or let it coast and hope that our efforts were incendiary enough to start a conflict.

Either way, it seems as though our next portion of the mission is back in The Edan. I suggest that we may wish to return and find a way to stir up trouble between the local gods there. Then, posing as pilgrim of Belo, offer resolution to the conflict thru Belo worship. Given that we aren’t really all that subtle, The Edain will probably see though the ploy for what it is, not realizing it’s a ploy within a ploy.

Session 30

>Given that we aren’t really all that subtle, The Edain will probably see though the ploy for what it is, not realizing it’s a ploy within a ploy.

Billy’s Take- Coast and watch what happens with the dwarves, but we will want to figure out some clever way to monitor that situation

theres nothing more fun than poking the church of belo. Praise Veccna.

Session 30

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