Campaign of Evil

Session 29

Landrew POV

awe shit… It looks like we are trapped in the mountain.  A party of dwarves comes out from down a dark hall, they are easily dispatched.  Raj's painbow sings the song of it's people.  Next a some small machine like things skitter down the hall and start drilling into Drax's armor.  At the same time a basilisk is released, we struggle with it for a bit but ultimately I was able to run it through with my spear.  Drax finishes off last the mechanical bug things.  We move on to the next room and are soon met by another, larger party of dwarves along with a cannon.  We are able to slowly whittle down their forces but take some damage in the processes.  Drax is heavily wounded.  We decide to tend to his wounds and head back to the bog.  Only someone drops a fireball us just as we are heading out.  Most of the party goes down.  Ragnar is able to keep on his feat and use his planes amulet to get us back to the bog for rest and pancakes.  Young Billy is treated to some very nice crepes.  Hopefully that will help with his aim, he spent a lot of time whiffing in battle.



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