Campaign of Evil

Pre-Session 31

Eaten by Sharks

The party had discussions in The Bog and decided that while they thought the attack in Neuholm had probably been successful they wanted to be sure by arriving in Hauteveldt showing signs of their injuries and saying they had been attacked by the dwarfs.

It was agreed that it was necessary to get to Hauteveldt before the dwarfs to be convincing.  Overland travel was clearly impossible.  Hieronymous Polecat was considered as a possibility but the final decision was for Billy to take up the Amulet of the Planes and transport the party to the campsite in which a number of innocent merchants had been murdered, one day's travel from Neuholm.  In order to be as convincing as possible the party decided to do minimal healing on themselves to be able to display legitimate wounds.  In hindsight this may have been an error.

Billy made the attempt and the party found itself in a tropical sea two hundred yards from a tiny desert island, with a reef one hundred yards away.  And there were sharks.

Drax sank into the depths as he was wearing armor.  Landrew utilized her monkish movement skills and made it through the reef and to the safety of the island.  Billy was heading for the reef but Rajelai was slower and was attacked by sharks.  Billy heroically tried repeated attempts to save Rajelai, and Drax produced a cone of ice upon which Raj could get out of the water.

Billy and Raj were eaten by sharks.

While this was happening Landrew collected coconuts, and Drax attempted to help but mostly sank.  The remains of the bodies were retrieved by the remaining pair, and then thoroughly looted.  Billy's effects included some fake (or are they?) papers in the name of Guillaume de Jeune.  From Rajelai's Painbow rose an insubstantial figure, with a terrifying visage torn apart by wild beasts.  In a chilling whisper it said, "All die!  They must all die.  Die in agony, in pain!"

How will they escape from the island?  Will they continue with the plan?  Is Billy gone forever?  Who is this Guillaume de Jeune?  What's going on with the Painbow?


Landrew POV:

We started off the day beat down from spending the prior day dispatching dwarves. After a discussion with my comrades in evil, we decide we need to go back to Hauteveldt weave tales of woe and pain. From there we can proceed on to the next phase of our mission. I suggest that if we didn’t bother healing up terribly, and we pop in just outside of town, we can really sell our story that Dwarves are a bunch of murderous thieving scumbelly bastages. Maybe not not my best idea.

I would have preferred to use Mr. Polecat to get us exactly where we needed to go, but young Billy was eager to borrow Ragnar’s amulet while he was out terrorizing the countryside. Billy clearly didn’t know how to operate that thing – he dropped us right in the middle of some kinda water world. Note to self: Children should not be allowed the use of such powerful toys.

I had only heard of sharks told in stories before but was eager not to tangle with one in my severely weakened state. I make a beeline for the safety of a nearby island with my companions at my back. They are moments from the safety of the shoal when they pause for some reason. I yell out some words of encouragement but still they dally out there for some reason.

I spend a few moments gathering coconuts and begin to hear screams of pain. Not being in a position to render more assistance, I pray to Vecna for assistance as the sharks are about to close in on Raj. Moments later a iceberg comes shooting out of the water and the sharks go airborne – thanks boss! Praise Vecna!

Somehow Drax has disappeared and the rest of my party has found themselves unable to close the few short meters needed to reach safety. I head out to the reef and remember the twittering bird we picked up a few towns back. The sharks are distracted long enough to buy Raj more time. Billy tries bring her in but both disappear into the water for a little two long. By that time I have arrived at the reef and spy the end of a rope floating nearby. Pulling in the rope I find the remains of Raj – she doesn’t look… her best. Sometime later Drax emerges from the depths carrying the carcass of Billy.

Drax and I pull the bodies onto the beach. Being the only god around i guess it’s up to me to say a few words for my companions. Something bizarre happens with Raj’s painbow – did I do that?

Pre-Session 31

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