This is The Chronicle which we will use to keep track of the story.  Anyone can use this blog to describe the actions of the previous adventure.  Ideally each entry would be done in character.  A completed post will be rewarded with a point of inspiration, a re-roll that can be used at any time, once.


The Mission

Miska is now The Knight of Vecna and can now directly communicate with the greatest and most mysterious of deities.  As such Miska conveys Vecna's wishes.

Belo reborn is about to return and must be prevented from reviving the Church of Belo, bringing on perhaps centuries of groupthink and moral oppression.  To defeat the Church the city of Beloman must be isolated and weakened.  The party is applauded for their success in destroying the last dregs of civilization to the north, for causing mass internal chaos within the Pellan Empire to the south as it struggles to deal with the return of the First Hero, Eremnon.  Geneth to the east is focused on the chaos with its' powerful neighbor to the south and can be easily distracted by new acolytes of The Order of the Rope.

What remains is the rich and powerful confederation of city states to the west known as Endan.  In order to isolate Beloman from Endan, Vecna wishes there to be mass unrest and chaos within this confederation.  Vecna wants to pit races, religions, and cities against each other.

The first step consists of starting race war between humans and the dwarfs that live around them.  Vecna informs the party that a trade delegation from the human city of Moolstadt is scheduled to reach the dwarfish mine-town of Neuholm.  Vecna wants the party to kill dwarfs within Neuholm and pin the blame on the trade delegation.  Also Vecna wishes the party to kill the trade delegation and to blame the dwarfs for it.  This should set up war between humans and dwarfs.

In order for this to be successful it is vitally important that the party not leave any witnesses to their actions, or any evidence that some other group was involved.  Should that happen it will unite these two groups rather than divide them.

Campaign of Evil

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