Campaign of Evil

Session 23

bullshit nazi oasis town

Session 22

Complete Castle of Antonius.  On toward Oasis

Session 21


Session 20

Planes walking

Session 19

….ended in a Burrow with some of party sitting on a throne and disappearing.

Session 18

Attempts to convince the people of the Bog that Landrew was their true god.


Wild party with Unlimited mead and horse taco's laced with a blue powdered drug – aka, the First Festival of Landrew.

Escavation of Bog started.

Session 17

Racist woodelves.  Lemonlime and crew dispatch the bishop.

Session 16

Ironic Coffee – Drax goes down.

Session 15

Complete temple.

From the GM:

To keep in mind (or correct) before the next session. My belief is that the party appears as follows, a giant dragon-scaled being with a wooden mask to which are attached the remains of a human face. A generally nondescript half-elf around whom shadows flicker slightly oddly. A human with no distinguishing marks other than a maniacal smile and being coated in drying, stinking blood. The walking corpse of a dwarf, face covered in a wooden mask, and carrying a skull like a puppet. A seemingly sane half-elf. And a Drow, a nightmare with which to scare children to sleep. And a blue-skinned somewhat portly young gentleman. Everyone is heavily armed.
Oh, and the naked eight foot tall muscle bound lunatic.

Session 14

Rat Town – stables – temple


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