Campaign of Evil

Session 37

A new god is born

Landrew POV

… (continued from Session 36)

Picking up from our battle with the boar, my companions and I opt for a quick break.  I’m not sure why, but some of them felt compelled to harvest meat from the beast.  With the exception of Raj’s vessel and Drax’s toadie – I’m the only who eats.  Works for me though, I do love pork belly tacos.  Trax also manages to freeze a hunk for later.  One we go to find our way out – well, i’m looking for a way out.  The others are convinced that the black armored figure we battled was not the Lady Wild.  Given my lack of ability to control my surroundings, I’m beginning to believe them.

We make our way back around and ultimately come upon a clearing.  Within, we find humans with extremely baggy pants.  There seem to be several families present.  Gui and I adopt a clever rouse to approach them for a better look without sending them into an immediately fight or flight mode.  I galloping out with an invisible horse, gui tucks in behind clopping coconuts – boom delighted children come a running.  They indicate that they are servants of Eremnon, I try to convince them first that I am Eremnon, and next that Eremnon is dead.  With a look from Billy, he communicates that this needs to be a moment of deceit – understood. 

Drax approaches the group and draws everyone to the campfire with promises of magic tricks.  “Gather around kiddos, we’re all going to put out this fire with the power of our minds…good, closer…closer…close your eyes…” And then a flame strike  strikes the entire group.  They are not pleased at all.  Turning towards Drax, he launches into an extremely convincing argument on how it’s their fault the trick went bad.  I can’t believe these rubes are buying this crap.  He convinces them to try again, only next some kind of cold strike seems to hit.  They won’t be fooled a third time, game on.

I’m caught a bit flat footed, still floored by Drax’s ballsy maneuver.  I find myself a bit mesmerized but am able to Still My Mind and shrug it off.   By the time i get into the fight, it’s largely over.  Drax went into some kind of rage – heads started flying everywhere.  I did notice, however, a woman come out of the cottage on top of a hill.  Unless Eremnon had a sister, I’ll bet this is our prey.  I sprint forward quickly to close some distance and a silence spell on her.  That should keep her from at least throwing too many spells at us while we are dealing with the mop up on these hooved humans. 

Eremnon runs back into her cottage and gets beyond the range of the silence spell.  At that moment, I notice that a large rock creature has come out of the ground right in front of me.  Glancing to my right I can see that Drax is running the wrong way.  Suddenly I am very aware of the fact that i’m standing by myself in an open field next to a giant rock monster, time to make some space…

I retreat back to the wagons and pull out my Lewd Bow.  The rest of the group begins dealing damage from range while Drax get’s his shit together and rejoins the fray.  It doesn’t take much; we are able to put the thing down in a few moments.  Turning our attention to the Lady, we climb the hill and surround the cabin she has entered.  After some investigation, we find it empty with a trap door leading to…?

She won’t get away that easy.  Throwing the trap door wide, one by one we slide down the ladder and find ourselves in a narrow tunnel.  We make our way down, single file, until we are blocked by some kind of thicket.  That thicket messes up Drax pretty badly – we take a moments rest to down a few healing potions before moving on. 

At this point, we catch up with the Lady.  She holed her self up behind more of her minions.  The rest of my companions, being in front of me, engage them in battle.  I’m not keen on being tied up in hand-to-hand battle while a god slings bad news our direction.  Seems like a perfect time to try out a new maneuver I have been practicing.  Drawing my Ki about me, i channel this energy into a shadow right before me into which I silently take a single step thru the shadow.  On the other side of the shadow, I find myself 60 feet away, directly behind Eremnon – and she is none the wiser.

I unleash The Rope.  Between the surprise of a rope being suddenly found around ones neck and the advantage of stepping out of a shadow from behind, this troublesome god finds herself in real trouble.    Unable to aid her minions as the battle my friends, the tables have now turned.  As her consciousness slowly starts to fade, twice her struggles almost find her free.  Only thru the divine inspiration Vecna has granted me in my role as his assassin am I able to maintain the chokehold.  Even still, she does manage to flip some kind of web over my head.  I feel an odd sensation at first, but then feel right at home with the web.  No big deal at all.  In fact, I can’t imagine not having this web – the entire concept of such a thing is completely terrifying.

Eremnon finally loses consciousness finds herself face down on the ground.  Raj, seeing an opening, looses a Coup de Gras from her Pain Bow.  As the light extinguishes from Eremnon’s eyes, I see a new light begin to glow behind the eyes of Raj’s meat suit.


(to be continued)



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