Campaign of Evil

Session 28

The Road to Neuholm

Landrew POV

Waking up in the midst the of the wool trading caravan, I figured I'd have nice breakfast and someone to drive us to Neuholm.  Now we have two hostages, blood on my boots and my eggs are burnt.  Perfect.   Well, first things first secure the hostages:  that cretin, Abraham, and the fat fucker I had to poison when he mouthed off.  It'll take until tonight before Abe wakes up after I spiked his pipe so we'll just need to keep an eye fatty.  We decide it's best to hit the road and make some progress toward our destination but after a few hours it's clear that the poison is acting more quickly than anticipated on our captive.  We hold up the caravan to do some foraging for the antidote but the bastard checks out early.  One hostage left.  

We continue down the road and run into another caravan heading back.  We chat for bit and gather some intel.  A plan is formulated to use these guys in planting the story of our caravan being attacked by the dwarves.  At this point we realize that this isn't the caravan we were looking for.  We decide to send the wagons and Abe back at the bog and book it toward Neuholm on horseback.  My boys will keep an eye on Abe in case we need to use him later.  Blinking back, some of the party has gone ahead to catch up with the caravan.  Drax and I try as best we can to catch up but by the time we run into them, they've already caught up with and dispatched the trade caravan.  Ragnar is wearing a severed head on a crown, that boy aint right.  We clean up the wagon with some of the wool we left at the bog, stash the remains of bodies and dead horses at the bog, use stolen papers to assume their identities, and head on to the mountain.

Arriving at the gates, I present papers claiming we are trade representative.  The dragonborne stays in his carriage and feigns sleep.  The rest of uf are escorted to rooms where we are to wait until morning.  It's around then that I guess Drax got bored and started wandering about.  Predictably, they decide that just because he's a 7' tall dragonborne with glowing red eyes, he should be persecuted.  I was looking forward to a nice meal but instead these good-thumpers got us doing work again.  We come a running when the alarm bells start going off.  By the time we get there Drax has dispatched several.  I step on the wind to inject myself into the battle.  One dwarven soldier's armor is able to barely turn the blade of my spear but I'm able too spin it back around for another attack which rips out his throat.  Bringing the spear down I plant the spear in the ground, use a bit of acrobatics to pivot using my makeshift pole and issue a kick to the other soldier.  His neck is broken clean on the spot.  I stash our stolen identity papers in clenched fist making it look like he was able to grab them just before his death then leave to find the others.  Raj has just butchered about 30 women and children that were hiding in a dark passage – that outta get up the ire dwarves and start some trouble between them and the humans.  

Now time to make our get-a-way.

Awe shit…..Why are the walls coming down….



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